For those of you who are new around here, we’re excited to introduce you to Jennifer Chan, a Lawhorn CPA Group partner.

Jennifer recently celebrated her 20th year working for Lawhorn CPA Group.

Jennifer met Jeff Lawhorn (founder) when she was a waitress at a Japanese restaurant where he was a regular customer. When Jeff found out she was an accounting student at the University of Tennessee, he brought her the test he gave his interviewees. She completed it in between serving customers, and Jeff gave her the job on the spot. The rest is history.

She began as a staff accountant as a new graduate and was promoted through the years until she became a partner in 2013. She enjoys problem solving complex client issues and loves the feeling of accomplishment from a particularly productive day. Jennifer has a daughter, who is also a CPA, and a son, who is a patent analyst. She also has a high maintenance grand dog and 3 adorable grand cats.

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys baking, gardening and traveling. She frequently travels to see her daughter in Charlotte and her son in California, and sometimes takes family trips on a cruise or back to Hong Kong and Macau.