Lawhorn is proud to announce we are utilizing SafeSend Tax Returns for our clients beginning in 2024!! SafeSend Tax Returns is a software company designed for accounting firms and tax professionals to streamline the tax return delivery and signature process for clients.  

SafeSend automates manual tasks like assembling return packages, sending them securely and collecting e-signatures, thus freeing up valuable time for professionals. Additionally, the platform offers a secure, user-friendly interface to clients to review and sign their returns electronically. This greatly improves communication and reduces errors. SafeSend integrates seamlessly with many popular tax software programs fitting into existing workflows. It can even be linked to some billing systems for easy payment options. 

For our clients, SafeSend offers multiple benefits: convenience, security, and ease of use. Clients can access and review their tax returns securely anywhere and anytime from any device. Security is one of SafeSend’s top priorities and there are extensive measures to safeguard tax information. SafeSend has designed their platform to be user-friendly to ensure a stress-free experience for all users, even the ones that are not as tech-savvy!