Business Intelligence + Technology Services 

Business Intelligent (BI) offers your organization the capability to support superior business decision-making through predictive trends in your company’s past and present operations.

Advancements in information technology have made it possible for your organization to accumulate large volumes of data and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging this data for informed decision-making.

Lawhorn CPA Group brings your company competitive tools needed to obtain a holistic view of your operating environment and gain clarity on mission-critical business events.

Business Intelligence + Technology

Business intelligence services designed to assist your company in technology assessment and selection explicitly tailored to your company and giving you the power to optimize and automate your financial and operational activities.

Accounting Software Solutions

Assessment, implementation, and training in accounting software management software to enhance your company’s accounting workflow, efficiency, and productivity.

Cloud Integration

Streamline operations and support remote teams and clients with the implementation of cloud technology for your products and services.

Business Intelligence

Data analytics, data visualization, and data modeling to identify trends and make better decisions.

Business Task Automation

Utilize cutting edge technology and customized applications to automate time-consuming tasks and improve staff productivity and increase company profits.

System Analysis + Consulting

Business technology experts identify, develop, and implement new information technology systems to streamline tasks and quickly improve productivity.

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