Tax Preparation / The Compliance ACT

100% Confidence in your Tax Preparation 

Lawhorn CPA Group is changing the way people view their accountants. We’ve raised the bar by providing online, cloud-based access, combined with real-time reporting. This allows you to make Accurate, Relevant & Timely (ART) decisions without having to worry about the veracity of the data that went into these decisions.

Professional Tax Preparation + Compliance

Have you ever wondered why we file tax returns? Because the law says that we have to, right? If there was not a law saying we must prepare taxes and record them, there would be no reason to file reports and pay the tax. However, there are, in fact, laws for Federal, state, and local authorities that require us to report our income and pay taxes on that income. So, we comply, which means it must be done even though it is a time-consuming process and can be wrought with potential pitfalls if you don’t know precisely what you are doing.

Your team at Lawhorn CPA Group understands the tax implications that affect all types of business structures and planning strategies.  

We use our expertise to provide comprehensive tax services that are customized for your unique business situation. We serve a wide range of corporations, partnerships, trusts, estates, and tax-exempt organizations. Lawhorn CPA Group team works with you to develop innovative strategies that allow your business to harness tax laws to your advantage and not feel victimized by them.

Lawhorn CPA Group will provide you with “Accurate” information, so you can take advantage of the tax code and focus on winning more business. The information and strategies we provide will be “Relevant” to your unique tax situation. Finally, we provide what you need on a “Timely” basis, so your advantages and relevancy are iron clad and resolute. All three form the foundation for the ART of Accounting.

Small businesses – companies with fewer than 500 workers – comprise over 99% of all firms in the United States. Because of the favorable tax environment for small businesses, there has never been a better time in history to be at the helm of a small business. Individuals can often use this to their advantage and maximize their tax deductions by setting up small businesses or changing existing companies from one entity type to another.

Working as your tax strategists, Lawhorn CPA Group can:

  • Identify unexplored tax options for yourself and/or your business
  • Ensure your taxes are filed correctly and tax calculations are correct, thus mitigating risk
  • Act on your behalf when dealing with the IRS or state
  • Be available year-round to provide strategic advice
  • Give you 24/7 access to your tax returns


Bookkeeping / Virtual Financial Office

Our accountants provide you with the foundation for making accurate, relevant, and timely decisions..

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Tax Planning + Consulting              

Customized tax planning tailored to align your tax strategies with your current situation so you can reach your financial goals.

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Individual Tax Services

Individual tax return preparation and personalized tax planning for individuals and couples.

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