Mission + Core Values

Lawhorn CPA Group, LLC vows to  provide exemplary accounting, tax, consulting, and other valuable business services to the small business community and to individuals, thus empowering our clients and our firm to greater mutual success.

Our Story

Accomplishing the Mission:

To accomplish this mission requires the development and use of technological tools to maintain a strategic, competitive advantage in the market and leverage our ability to produce more significant results on a timelier basis for our clients. Working as a team of professionals, we will operate under a “shared vision” built on respect, accountability, forgiveness, trust, and service for one another that will enhance our ability to provide better service to our clients and other team members.


By focusing on our team, as well as our clients’ needs, we foster a culture of continuous learning and open communication that will improve our ability to succeed professionally, and thereby enhance the success of our clients.

Business Principles

At Lawhorn CPA Group, we draw our business principles from our six core values:

Client Relationships

We continuously strive to meet the needs of our people, clients, and the firm. This requires balance and the acceptance of change.

Our business is competitive. We will compete aggressively to expand our client relationships without denigrating or maligning our competitors. In fact, we believe our competition make us stronger.

We will maintain a professional and friendly demeanor with all clients.


At Lawhorn, we believe innovation and creativity are an integral part of our service to clients. We value technology as a strategic asset and invest accordingly.

We will continue to invest in technology that automates our unique processes and provides licensing arrangements for our intellectual property.

We take great pride in the quality of our work. We strive to empower our clients and to provide our clients with value through leadership, relationships, education, network referrals, and creativity.

We focus on improving accuracy, quality, efficiency, and productivity to enhance the processes, business prospects, and people’s lives of client companies.

We focus on systems and methods to leverage our ability to solve problems and build wealth.

Respect + Teamwork

Our team member relationships are a first priority. While our clients are essential, we cannot fulfill our lofty responsibilities to clients without quality team members. Therefore, we strive to attract and retain quality individuals who are highly motivated and focused on client service. Good judgment is as important as technical ability.

Teamwork is vital to our culture and the ability to service the needs of our clients.


Integrity and honesty are of utmost importance to our firm. We expect our team members and clients to conduct themselves with integrity and honesty.

Our assets are people, reputation, culture, and clients. We are committed to complying fully with laws, rules, and ethical principles in order to protect those assets.


We highly value training and learning. It is a key element of our culture and our confidence. Everyone in the firm is expected to grow through the sharing of knowledge and wisdom.

Dedication and loyalty are valued, as is the growth of the firm. The firm must continue to grow to provide opportunities for younger professionals.

Leadership is valued at all levels within the firm. Team members are encouraged to develop their leadership skills throughout their career. We encourage community involvement by the firm and its team members.

We strive to place our people in positions that utilize their unique abilities and leverage the firm’s unique processes. Testing, training, performance, and experience all play critical roles in an individual’s professional growth and promotion.


Profits are a financial measure of the success of the firm and its team members. Healthy returns allow us to attract and retain quality personnel as well as provide the capital necessary for firm growth.

We hold firmly our commitment to accountability – to each other and our clients. Our success is partly based on being a ‘shared vision’ firm versus a ‘shared services’ firm and team members are accountable to fulfilling the firm’s vision of respect, accountability, forgiveness, trust and service.