At Lawhorn CPA, our team is everything. We pride ourselves in having a great company culture that’s fun but gets the work done. We’re excited to introduce our newest team member Debbie Streichsbier. Here’s a bit about Debbie!

In both of Debbie Streichsbier’s two main career roles, there’s been an underlying theme: helping people.

Whether it’s customers as a business owner or employees as part of the Human Resources team, her focus has always been on fostering relationships where she works, ensuring others succeed in their goals and being part of the community she lives in.

Prior to a career in Human Resources, Debbie was a small business owner in South Carolina from 2000 to 2005 running a bridal boutique called ‘Here Comes the Bride.’ Throughout those five years, she went to at least 70 weddings making sure all brides were happy on a day they’ll cherish forever. Eventually, Debbie had to say goodbye to owning the boutique in favor of a more family-friendly schedule. With five kids at home, she searched for a career that would offer what many moms value in today’s workplace climate: balance!

So, her next journey sent her into banking and retail management for stores like Old Navy and Victoria’s Secret. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2018 from Baker College. Most recently she held the position of Director of Human Resources for the City of Palm Coast in Florida. Then, like many who migrate to the area, she landed in Tennessee to be able to enjoy the vacation lifestyle daily.

Welcome to the team, Debbie! We’re glad to have you and grateful for you!

Lawhorn CPA Group HR director Debbie with a horse during a trip to Montana in 2019
Debbie in Montana for Cowgirl Weekend in 2019.