Being from the valley we don’t get much snow each year.  The East TN Valley that is…  So when we do get some snow, you know like a 1/4 of an inch, just enough to cover the roads everything shuts down.  School is out and getting out of the house in inconceivable (think Princess Bride here).  We went to the store along with all the rest of Knoxville to get bread, eggs, milk, dog food, and maybe some vanilla flavoring should the snow be big enough and the consistency to make snow cream. Oh, and marshmallow fluff.  So there is absolutely no reason to venture out in any kind of motorized vehicle unless it is fun to ride in the snow… For me that’s a sled.

Sledding, hot chocolate, chicken noodle and grilled cheese.  These are the cornerstones of a great snow day.  I am sure you noticed that the food is a 3/1 ratio to the action part of the day.  Just last week we got our biggest snow in quite a while.  I was supposed to fly out of town to our office in Jackson, WY and as fate would have it I was attacked by my wife’s SUV in the head and had to go to the emergency room to gorilla glue my head back together.  That was the day the snow started.  As a matter of fact by the time we left the ER the roads were already covered.

So me and my head injury made our way to the downstairs couch to relax.  We decided that sledding wouldn’t be in my best interest given the circumstances.  With nothing to do but me, my mind began to clear itself.  Not like dripping brains on the floor, just a general easing of having to be responsible for anything at that moment.

It’s amazing what happens when the clutter falls away.  Your wife isn’t just beautiful anymore.  She’s Mrs. Universe.  The kids aren’t annoying.  They are fun.  The dogs are as good a cuddle buddy as anything and everything you thought was going right at work could use some thinking.  Some thinking about your thinking as Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach likes to put it.

Because all that thinking you normally do at 110 mph isn’t as..what’s the word…economically effical… as when you are going at 60mph… Ok you got me I was going a lot slower than that. The point is: Snow Daze is an opportunity to fine tune some ideas you’ve been ignoring under the hood lately.  Little noises that could use some fine tuning.

So the next time you get hit with a winter blast, grab some paper and some crayons and get to thinking on your thinking and don’t forget the hot chocolate, chicken noodle and grilled cheese.

I hopefully headed into more snow now.



Jason Lawhorn, CPA,CITP,CVA,MAcc