We are excited to welcome Vice President of Strategy and Implementation Jared Hill, to Lawhorn CPA Group. Jared is a Knoxville native that enjoys reading, travelling, and spending time with his wife (Lacey) and 4-year-old daughter (Adrienne) in his spare time. He is passionate about helping others and has participated in natural disaster relief efforts in the US and abroad.  

Keep reading for more information about Jared and what he plans to bring to our business consulting services. 

Professional Experience & Achievements 

Jared began his career in finance before returning to school to earn his MBA from The University of Tennessee. In each position he held thereafter, he focused on business process improvement and discovered that identifying and implementing strategic changes to make businesses function better is his true passion.  

His track-record truly speaks for itself. Jared has thrived in several leadership positions including director of operations, COO, and president and has worked in the hospitality, health, food production and distribution industries. During his career, he has had quantifiable success in reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency and productivity. He has experience with international business, management, and leading new initiatives. Jared was described by one of his previous colleagues as “an exceptional leader who is inspiring to others with his enthusiasm, knowledge, and contagious positivity”.  

He recently became a Kolbe Certified Consultant. The Kolbe Certification program provides attendees with the knowledge to recognize individuals’ motivations, strengths, and utilize these insights in the business world. As a consultant, this deeper understanding of how people tick helps Jared, a 7742, teach others to collaborate well with one another and have more positive interactions with clients. 

Jared’s New Role 

At Lawhorn CPA Group, we want to go the extra mile for our clients and do more than assist them with their taxes and finances. As vice president of strategy and implementation, Jared’s goal will be to help clients maximize their potential and reach new levels of success. Jared’s professional experience, expertise, and passion for business strategy, change management, and continuous improvement make him the ideal candidate for the position.  

As part of our business advisory division, Jared is introducing an innovative new service: fractional COO. A fractional chief operating officer steps in and provides support for businesses that do not require a full-time COO but need some form of assistance with their operations. Jared is eager to guide companies of all sizes through transitional and growth periods, supplement and create change in areas of weakness, improve efficiency, and strategize with leadership teams to promote lasting success. fractional COO services are fully customizable because every business has unique needs.  

Strengthen & Grow Your Business with Lawhorn 

Is your business at a crossroads? Is there a specific area that you’re struggling with, but you don’t know why? Are you ready to expand but aren’t sure what the next step is? Lawhorn business consulting is here to help. Our team of advisors are available to guide and support your business through difficult times, help you overcome problems, take on challenges, and avoid potential disasters. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help you achieve your business objectives.